Stephan. Peter. Kralle.




Sitting in the Forest




Musik/Text: Cravinkel

Sitting in a forest in between all the trees
my friend is sitting near me, his head on my knees.
You have to hear the winds,
they're blowing through the bright light
we're proud to touch the greenest green,
we cannot describe.

In the meantime when I feel good and I'm on the right way
my troubles turn to ashes that's all I can say
my heart is beating faster as it rains into dark
tomorrow will be different, when we sit in our park

Listen all the birds are singing
Everytime they fly so high
can't you hear the leaves are swinging
If you don't have another try.

Coming in a city watching all the chicks in town,
they don't have no scruples, they just let it roll.

Good God on the road, it's nice to have a dance in a club
even the man from the coast, he will never give it up.
If you try to make love, and if the girls don't wanna do
don't sweep it, keep it cool, she digs doing it with a rule.

If you really wanna do the big thing
in the townhall with James Brown,
he's the king of soul, he smashes you down the ground.

He can do it all the time, but he's doing it at night
he's the kind of soulman, he sings for black and white
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