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Foreman: Good morning
Master: Good morning
Foreman: This is our new servant instead of He
Master: Oh, what whatever happened to Henry
Foreman: Henry, Sir, died yesterday
Master: Oh, what a pity - okay - and what's his name
Foreman: His name, Sir, is Stanley
Master: Oh, Stanley - Stanley, come here
Foreman: Good morning
Master: Good morning Stanley (what can you do for me?)
Stanley: Good morning, Massah
I'm gonna brush your shoes, Massah
I'm gonna comb your hair
And I wonder
I'm gonna wash your car, Massah
in the sky
I cut your nails
And I wonder
I'm gonna cook for you, Massah
so high
I dry your shirt
And I wonder
I clean the house, Massah
And I wonder
I do the kitchen
Is yellow ye
I'm doing the garden, Massah
And Dark is
I clean the house
Your hair se
I'm gonna wash your car, Massah
Your heart
I comb your hair, I comb your hair
I'm gonna cut your hair, Massah
Today he's
But not tom
I'm gonna drive your car, Massah
I'm gonna comb your hair, Massah
Tell me Ang
I'm gonna dig your scar, Massah
Tell me Ang
I wash your dishes, Massah
I out your nails, Massah
give you my country, Massah
My seed, my stones and plants
give you my trees, my rivers, my mountains, Massah
give you my heart, my hands, my arms, my legs, Massah
I gave you my earth, Massah
And I wonder why is the moon
in the sky
And I wonder why are stars
so high
And I wonder why is sunshine
And I wonder why
Is yellow yellow
And Dark is a colour
Your hair so long
Your heart so strong
Today he's my brother
But not tomorrow
Tell me Angel
Tell me Angel

(….but in the end white men's asheS will be black)
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