Stephan. Peter. Kralle.




Lover Man




I've got a blade as sharp as long
I move too fast - clean and strong
It's a faded cut - a simple routine
Like a Lover Man
I Walk alone deep in the night
Down to the shadows Out of sight
I've been watching you - stalking you
For my simple plan
A fallen angel into my sight
A haunted apple - just take a bite
Because I can't resist - You're on my list
It's a simple plan
When you see me crawling around
Bail your head - don't make a sound
When I look at you
Better take me to a little loverland
Take my hand - understand
There's nothing you can do
Take you down - spin you around
I know just what to do
Cause I'm a Lover Man Lover Man
Making wrong out of right
Making Love tonight here in lovers land
'Cause I'm a Lover Man - Lover Man
Making wrong out of right
love tonight here in loverland
I'm a Lover Man
what you can do
what to do
Making wrong out
Making tonight
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