Stephan. Peter. Kralle.




Trio (Schweden)

LP, 1982, Mercury 6435 171

MC, 1982, Mercury 7106 171


  1. Ja ja ja 2:57
  2. Kummer 2:38
  3. Nasty 2:38
  4. Energie 3:30
  5. Los Paul 2:32


  1. Ya Ya 2:15
  2. TRIO 0:31

Interessant an dieser skandinavischen Pressung ist das textblatt. Da man in Skandinavien die deutschen Texte auf der Platte wohl eher nicht verstehen wird, hat irgendwer versucht, die deutschen Texte auf englisch zu erklären:

A1 «Achtung, Achtung» don't let them fool you! Trio pretends to give you entertainment but it's only your sympathy and your money they are after.
A2 «Ja ja ja» is difficult to translate; aggressive words said to … a lady, an institution, a system or to anything you want. Also hard to describe is the meaning of B3 «Ja ja wo geht's lang Peter Pank schönen Dank» and B5 «Halt mich fest ich werd verrückt» Help me out, my head is spinning round. Fragments of your surroundings drive you crazy or they don't - different folks, different strokes. «Kummer» makes it a lot easier. My Bonny lies over the ocean, never will I see her again. Love hurts. A7 «Los Paul» is about violence on TV, which we all love to see. Or don't you love to watch slow motion car crashes and other smashes? What's the difference whether they shoot J.R. or Ronald Reagan?
B6 «Sabine, Sabine, Sabine» soft music in the back ground while this guy is on the phone trying to talk his girlfriend into coming over, she doesn't want to doesn't that sound familiar?
B7 «Trio» «Bommerlunder and me wanna go home», Bommerlunder is the local schnapps.
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