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Musik/Text: Cravinkel

First it smells delicious, sorrows burn to ashes
curtains are raising high,
thoughts are growing to flashes
suddenly it works, works from the momentum.

Stopping for petrol inspection
keeps you away from reflection
hating life faces watch you, you see they hate you too
only you know, know that it all turns you down

Misery, trouble and pain,
moments of awful disdain
coolness, wisdom and rest, high fla
that's the way it works,
works from the moment on.

Out of the dark, here is sun I got lig
there were was,
there was cold endless night
so long, so long waiting for going out
so long, so long waiting for taking a

Blind are my eyes, is it true, is it righ
I never thought to be born in your
world full of beauty and love

Love everywhere but I'm changing
changing my way to be
to live peaceful
I'm not going back
to that
hopeless place had
'cos I'm happy

waiting for taking a ride.
A lot of drag, darkness surrounds my soul
Thave to leave, lord, I'm leaving my baby.

I try so hard to give up the world
I try to make it better than I am
when I'm thinking it's not an ea
Somebody beats you
Somebody turns off
Somebody bad vibes
Somebody whole live bad dream
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