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 +=======Cool Dog =======
 +  * Gesang, Gitarre: [[Kralle Krawinkel]]
 +  * Gitarre: [[F.J. Krüger]]
 +  * Bass: [[Thomas Schmidt]]
 +  * Schlagzeug: [[Wilfried Szyslo]]
 +CD [[@ The Hoodoos]]
 +>>See me here on down on the street without a name
 +>>See me here waiting for you (in the rain)
 +>>See me crying - here I'm lying
 +>>See me sighing for you my baby
 +>>Everybody had a hard year
 +>>Everybody saw the sunshine
 +>>Once upon a time you'll be mine
 +>>you'll be mine, you'll be mine
 +>>you'll be mine, you'll be mine
 +>>I can see the lovers in your year
 +>>Anybody's talking 'bout your gear
 +>>Seeing all the darkness in your eyes
 +>>I don't wanna leave you behind
 +>>A bad moon is rising
 +>>Bad moon is blue
 +>>Bad times are a-coming
 +>>What kind of lover are you
 +>>Looking out for that feeling
 +>>A bad moon is rising
 +>>There's no other moon
 +>>In the rain again - I'm crying
 +>>Hey - I can see it in your eyes, you know
 +>>I can see the lovers in your eyes, you know
 +>>And I'm on the run again you see
 +>>And I need a border to the rain - Come on
 +>>Cool dog - let me see
 +>>Cool dog - let me know
 +>>Cool dog take my hand
 +>>Cool dog understand
 +>>Cool dog - don't bring me down
 +>>Down, down, down, down, down again
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